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What Our Members are Saying...

From a Member May 2016:  "If not for AUG, I would not know any of you fine people, who are not only wonderful to be around professionally, but a fine group to spend time with socially. I am leaving [my company]…for an exciting opportunity…I will be urging my likely successor to get actively involved in AUG, and will be assuring her that there is an amazing community of people actively interested in defining, improving, and sharing industry best practices. All the best to you.”

From a Boston Member Meeting Attendee March 2016:  "Compliance session is always so helpful to me as a new CCO. I go to so many seminars/webinars that tell you all the rules, but AUG people have practical ideas on how to FOLLOW those rules. Such a great group."

From a Monthly Webinar Attendee November 2015:  "Thank you all so much for all the information you posted to the AUG website. Yesterday’s webinar [on cybersecurity] was outstanding! Non-AUG members are really missing out!"

From New York Member Meeting Attendee November 2015:  "[Re: Breakout Sessions] Very value added. I always benefit from discussing relevant work issues with a broader group of peers. Hopefully, they equally get something from what I have to offer as well."

From a Boston Member October 2015:  "It was very helpful (and a bit terrifying) to hear other's experiences with SEC current examinations and what was being asked. It will help me to prepare and organize for such a situation."

From a Midwest Member May 2015:  "...I enjoy helping the AUG - it is a wonderful organization."



From a National Independent Broker-Dealer May 2015:  "Once again, thank you for connecting us with [user]. Your resourcefulness is immeasurable!..."

From a Northeast Member April 2015:  "Thank you for hosting yesterday's [Boston Member Meeting]. It was my first and won’t be my last. Met a number of great people and looking forward to both contributing and leveraging the group..."

From a Midwest Member April 2015:  "
…Thank you!  We are all really enjoying being members of AUG. We are each getting little nuggets of information from our participation that we can take back to our desks and use.”

From a Northeast Member March 2015:  “…Having the network to reach out to when I really need an answer has proven to be valuable to me and my firm many times. Direct Advent connections don’t help you negotiate Thomson contracts, find a new IT consultant, or a reliable emergency notification service…"


From a Midwest User February 2015:  "…I have been pleased with AUG since we came onboard in 2008-9. It’s been an excellent model and one that I’ve held up as a healthy way to network and solve issues in the Advent community."  


From a Southeast User February 2015:  "I do appreciate the value of your group... Learning and sharing ideas with a common goal is to me always good especially during these challenging times with the change in technology and companies." 


From a Midwest Member December 2014: "...Thank YOU for keeping this group running – I wouldn’t know half of what I know now if it weren’t for this user group."


From November '14 Boston Member Meeting Attendee: “…I also really liked the Best New Solutions panel. What a super idea for members to share a solution that works for them that others might not know about. Really interesting!..."


From November '14 NYC Member Meeting Attendee: “I think the event overall was one of the best I had been to…the spirit of AUG of collaboration and idea sharing was well achieved…the presentations from the vendors were not salesy, but offered great information to give attendees food for thought and will allow us to follow up as we please. The breakout sessions were useful and it seemed that the everyone was willing to participate and no one was dominating the conversation. The reporting discussion was interesting…to hear and see what other firms were doing and the backstory of WHY…"


From October '14 Chicago Member Meeting Attendee: "I am kicking myself for not attending these events in the past. My feeling is that I took away more useful information in one day than at the entire AdventConnect event. Good work everyone." 

From October '14 Roundtable Attendee: "It was nice to be able talk to similar companies and find out everyone is dealing with the same problems. I took more notes during this roundtable than at any other roundtable or seminar I've been to recently.”  


From September '14 Webinar Attendee: "The presentation was great and I will share it with my colleagues as an example of implementation I had discussed with them previously, but did not have a visual…” 

From August '14 Middleton Member Meeting Attendee: "I was glad to see that a sponsor came to our little regional meeting. The information was very relevent to what we do.

From a Midwest Firm August 2014: "...Let me tell you, you are far more resourceful when it comes to making connections with other advisors than the tech guys I know at Schwab and even the guys trying to sell me these products! I can’t thank you enough..."


From 2014 Job Board Posting Firm: "Thank you, [the fact] that you recommend her and her participation with AUG holds a lot of weight. Please feel free to send us other applicants as well."

From May '14 Monthly Webinar Attendee: "I wanted to thank you guys for putting on a very nice webinar yesterday. I thought [the presenters] did a great job. They both gave very clear and well organized presentations that were useful."

From May '14 Boston Member Meeting Attendee: "Thank you so much for yesterday, [we] thoroughly enjoyed the AUG Meeting in Boston. It was a very informational day, definitely worth while!"

From April '14 Cincinnati Member Meeting Attendee: "...there was, and is still, a great deal of learning curve for some of the products, especially Rex and Dataport. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of documentation...That is where your meetings are so valuable. This past meeting was great, because of being smaller, I was able to really spend some time and talk to another member, who introduced me to his trader, and was able to walk me through some specific issues we were having."

From March ’14 Atlanta Member Meeting Attendee:  “I am so excited to be an AUG member. I was blown away at all the benefits I received from the one meeting.  [Undisclosed Member] has been such a huge help to me. We are in the process of deciding if we are going to start using Broadridge for our proxy services. I am very excited to go to more meetings and use all the resources you guys share on your website…”


From a Member December '13:  "I was not able to listen to the Social Media webcast yesterday afternoon...but I did take time to listen to the recording this morning.  It was well done and I have printed all the materials for future reference."


From a Midwest Member Firm December '13:  "...thank you for so many years of great support that CAN NOT BE BEAT (even by Advent itself)!"


From May '13 Boston Member Meeting Attendee:  "I LOVE AUG! The regional meetings (and everything you do really) are so well done. I get SO much out of attending - lots of new ideas and things to try, answers to my question, good vibes from such a great group of people. A+ job. I am always impressed and so pleased I went. Thank you for your efforts!"


From a 5+ years Member from the Midwest Region Dec. '12:  "...Thank you for all the support and hard work you put into the organization.  It is an extremely useful extension of Advent Support and we...rely on the information immensely."


From a Northeast Region Member following Nov.'12 Boston Member Meeting:  "The user group is the best way to solve best practice problems and find innovative solutions."


From a Family Office Member Firm - Midwest Region:  "AUG is *the* way to meet your Advent peers, to get information about industry issues, and discuss solutions. The people of AUG have worked their way through most of your problems and have the scars to prove it.  The community is very helpful and active. I find the newsletters, meet-ups, and calls to be a great resource across the whole firm.  The AUG membership easily pays for itself in networking, support, and education."


From a Member - Midwest Region:  "I wanted to let you know that joining AUG in 2010 was an excellent decision!  We are a small RIA growing fast ($300M AUM within first 2 years).  As a new Operations Manager it is extremely helpful to draw on the years of experience of the other members in AUG.  I especially appreciate the group meetings in Chicago where we collaborate on issues, discuss best practices, and get to know each other.   During one of these events I met an Operations Director from another firm and she invited me to visit her office as I wanted to see how another operations department ran.  Within the following quarter my assistant manager and I visited her firm asking her to cover the following agenda:


  • Organization Overview / Review of Operations / Job duty break downs
  • Work Flow / Job training/cross training / Job/Team metamorphosis through growth
  • What you know now and you wish you knew then
  • APX / CRM / Business Intelligence Reporting from Advent
  • How do you keep track of all the daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual, and event driven “To Do’s”
  • If you were small and nimble what would you try to accomplish?

We also covered departmental personality profiles as her firm also did this type of testing on new employees.  What a great experience!  I was able to leverage many things I learned into our 2011 project planning.  Because of this trip I was better able to share a vision of our Operations Department and our direction with management.  I’m confident we’re on an excellent track and have clarity of the bigger picture.



I would tell new members you get out of AUG what you put into.  The people who join AUG seem to be wired in a similar way of sharing best practices and collaboration.  I have yet to find a business group as focused in my space as this one."  

From a Web Conference Call Participant:  "The AUG members really have a great set of skills and I really appreciate being able to come here to ask questions and find answers usually very quickly and very effectively.  Thanks for all you do." 


From a Member - Southeast Region:  "...if you haven’t heard it lately, Advent users across the globe greatly appreciate the hard work you do for us. This is such a powerful forum that is a living white paper for all things Advent!" 


From a Member - Midwest Region:  "...I just discovered the one item that has been a major hindrance to my ability to script tasks.  I was not aware that entering -exit in the scheduler executable would close Axys once the script was complete.  For the last 2 years I've been using a batch file that killed Axys after each series of scripts is complete for the time period of the day (in order to not lock a much needed license) and now I find that all the added overhead to my schedules can be removed!  Thanks...On to better programming, with the help of the AUG community!"


From Mid-Atlantic Region User:  "I wanted to send a quick thank you to the AUG community saying how grateful I've been for the wisdom and knowledge that you've all so willingly shared with me over the last five years....I truly could not have delivered the work that I have without the wisdom, help, and support of the AUG.  I think it's such a great value for any firm..."


From Mid-Atlantic Region User:  "The AUG is like 1,200 free Advent Tech Support employees at my fingertips.  Although Advent's support line can be helpful, through AUG I am able to find many members who have experienced the problems I'm having and get answers on "how to solve" instead of "how it should be solved."  I find AUG members' ideas and responses, as a whole, to be much more practical, creative and resourceful. 


Thanks to the AUG sessions at the Advent Conferences, I come back to my office with new life, excited about all the changes and improvements I plan to make.  These conference sessions are open to all Advent attendees, but the conference is only once a year.  By being an AUG member, attending regional meetings and receiving daily emails via the website, I am provided with continual sources of learning, idea gathering, and problem solving year round. 

AUG membership dues are minimal.  The benefits are immeasurable...." 

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